Case Studies of our Toronto Investigations Six-Month Undercover Results In The Arrest of 5 Integra Investigation Services Ltd. was retained by a large unionized manufacturing facility to investigate allegations of extensive drug use and the selling of narcotics to employees. In addition, it was rumoured that senior management could also be involved, either in participation.. read more →

27 Jan 2015
January 27, 2015

CASE STUDY: Corporate Theft Investigation

Film processing involves a step referred to as ‘fixing’, where the silver ions required during the development of images are converted into a silver metal by-product. Integra Investigation Services’ client, a major film production company, had noticed a decrease in the amount of silver yield in their Toronto plant and feared internal loss as the.. read more →

Integra Investigation Services and other agencies recognized by the Council of Private Investigators – Ontario (CPIO) possess Investigative Body status; what does this mean in regards to their ability to collect information about you and on your behalf? The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) governs how personal information is collected, used and.. read more →

Selecting the right private investigation agency is a critically important decision; the right choice can save your organization its dollars, reputation and peace of mind. The wrong choice, however, can cost you not only money and time, but also your good name and sleepless nights. So how do you spot a good agency? Licensing isn’t.. read more →

Recently, I talked about the importance of licensing for private investigators. In this issue I will try to point out how recent government legislation for the licensing of the individual investigator has created a large problem for the investigative industry. The relatively new licensing regulation was meant to reduce the amount of administration when a.. read more →

One of the most useful and powerful tools in a private investigation agency’s arsenal is a properly trained and equipped surveillance operative. Integra Investigation Services Ltd. works on behalf of a number of clients to provide legal and binding evidence to substantiate the veracity of an employee’s disability claim. In most cases, Integra is called.. read more →

26 Jan 2015
January 26, 2015

Surveillance – Looking Past the Obvious

In today’s vernacular “surveillance” has been described as the monitoring of behaviour or activities, usually of people and often in a surreptitious way. read more →

Theft of personal information and credit /debit card abuse has become big business. According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police web site credit card abuse accounted for more than $400 million in losses last year. Almost half of that amount ($200 million)can be attributed to counterfeit credit/debit card use. Today’s criminals use technology to “skim”.. read more →

Recently, we discussed the importance of size and structure of various investigative companies. We also spoke about how these agencies must adhere to strict legal guidelines when it comes to the collecting, preparing and disclosing of personal information. In this issue, we’ll look a little closer at some additional criteria that are equally important in.. read more →