Insurance Fraud Investigation Services

If you are interested in our services, please download our Insurance Request Form and email it to our team at integra[@]

Integra has created a separate department to deal exclusively with the needs of our insurance clients. Investigators in this department have been chosen for their experience in insurance frauds and their knowledge of sophisticated surveillance techniques. Integra’s commitment is to provide professional investigative services while ensuring the client is kept informed on a timely basis.

  • Long Term and Short Term Disability Investigations
  • Accident Benefits Claims
  • Life Style Maintenance Investigations
  • Death Claims
  • Surveillance, Videography, and Photography
  • Claimant Interviews
  • Other Interviews
  • Claimant Locates
  • Financial Investigations
  • 24 Hour Investigative Support Team

Our investigators have access to our investigative support team at all times. The support team is positioned to assist with any unusual circumstances that may arise during the investigation.

  • Inquiries
    • Financial
    • Corporate
    • Driver’s Licence, Plate, History
    • Personal Property Registrations
  • Subrogation