Case Studies of our Toronto Investigations

Six-Month Undercover Results In The Arrest of 5

Integra Investigation Services Ltd. was retained by a large unionized manufacturing facility to investigate allegations of extensive drug use and the selling of narcotics to employees. In addition, it was rumoured that senior management could also be involved, either in participation or in the indifference to the situation. An undercover operative was placed in the facility to work alongside suspected employees and eventually he was able to socialize outside of business hours, and became a trusted member of a clique group.

When enough evidence had been gathered and the operative had pinpointed the employees responsible, the information was passed on to a Regional Police Department and our operative was made an agent for the police. This enabled our operative to gather the necessary evidence to warrant an arrest and the immediate dismissal of five employees within the facility, four for possession of narcotics, and one for the trafficking of a narcotic substance. It was also proven that no member of senior management was involved.

Interviewing Results In The Arrest of The Real Criminal

A lawyer representing a client, who had been charged with the brutal rape of a young woman, retained the services of Integra Investigation Services Ltd. to interview witnesses that would not come forward to police. While the accused always maintained his innocence, evidence that the police had gathered almost assured them of a conviction.

An investigator interviewed numerous people present before, during and after the assault, including a number of individuals associated with a well-known bike gang. The interviews resulted in statements from a number of people who witnessed the events prior to the assault, and it was discovered that the accused was not even present on the night in question. When presented with the obtained statements, the victim confessed that she was not sure who had assaulted her; she had taken the word of a woman who had a vendetta against the accused. This, coupled with DNA evidence, cleared our client and resulted in the arrest of the victim’s boyfriend.